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Welcome to Racing On Wheels!

Updated: Feb 6

"2024 Pirelli tyre test with Ferrari in Montmelo"
Credit: Pirelli Media

After many years and many requests, the motorsports enthusiast website is here! Red lights are out and Racing On Wheels is a go!

This website won’t be a standard F1 or motorsports news website that anyone can find out there. We want to focus on things that will be interesting to you – fans. Without sensationalistic text or headlines or boring sites that won’t go into details about business side of motorsport and technical side of this amazing hobby that we all have.

What can you expect on this website? Expect F1 technical analysis from the first testing session to the last FP3 in Abu Dhabi, with all the data that we have and that we can provide. Expect an honest coverage of not only Formula 1, but also other amazing racing categories like MotoGP, WEC and IndyCar. Also, expect some amazing interviews with ex motorsport engineers, employees and people who work in the current motorsport journalism.

We will try to provide you with a regular, interesting content that will be different from others. This website if completely independently funded and therefore don’t expect miracles (at least not at the start), but we would like to have YOU on board as well.

If you have an interesting content for us that you want to present here in a form of a small article or want to give a helping hand during the busy times, you’re welcome! This will be purely on volunteer basis!

I want to keep this short and sweet, but yes. We’re here. Racing On Wheels is here!

Let’s keep it on track! Away we go!


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